Fortune Cookies for Valentine’s Day

February 10th, 2015

Wedding Dress Tips – What You Should Consider

January 19th, 2015

Are you about to get married? For most women, this is the day that they’ve been planning for since they were young girls. If you feel the same, then it’s understandable why you’re out seeking advice, help and support to make your dream wedding a reality.

Let’s face it. When it comes to wedding dress, most men just can’t seem to understand the importance of picking the perfect wedding dress. True, you’re only going to be wearing that gown once in your life, and your groom may still feel the inclination to tie the knot even if you showed up dressed in a potato sack, but you very well know that one of the most important days of your life merits an exceptionally special dress.

Top Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

There are so many wedding details that you need to take care of, but it’s equally important that you take the time to find the perfect wedding gown for you. To help you out, we’ve come up with a list of wedding dress tips for how you can look your best on your wedding day.

Tip 1: Is constantly going to your groom for tips getting you down? Find a female friend or relative who will gladly accompany you on your trips to the bridal shop.

Unless your groom is female fashion-savvy, he’s not going to be much help when you ask him about the perfect wedding dress collar or neckline for you. Find a female companion or companions that you trust enough for second and third opinions.

Tip 2: Set a budget, and try to follow it.

Wedding dress budgets are hardly ever exact. You may need to spend more or you might end up spending less than you expected. The point is having a budget in mind can help you control the urge to splurge on your very special dress. Try your hardest to follow your dress budget, and pray that you find a great wedding dress bargain that will make your groom proud.
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Children’s Party Food Ideas

January 8th, 2015

Cookies and Candy for the Holidays

December 16th, 2014

There are a number of different types of cookies and candy you and your family can enjoy for the holidays.

Many of you probably spend a lot of the holiday season with your family preparing meals, and more importantly desserts.

The Food Network has the 12 Days of Cookies or has 54 different holiday cookies to choose from to keep you really busy.

If you would rather sit back next to the fire, you can order Old Fashion Hard Filled Christmas Candy. That should be just as delicious as any cookie you could ever make.

For those that want to adventure even a little further, you can order your own personalized holiday candy. Choose the special message and/or logo you want to include and enjoy chocolate mints or mints while your laughing and sharing stories with the family. You can get these candies either in personalized Fun Tubes, candy bags, or gift boxes.

Cookies or candy, whichever you choose…if not both…will be sure to fill your holidays with happiness and entertain your sweet tooth!

How to Make Cookies: Make Christmas Sugar Cookies

December 7th, 2014

Thanksgiving Dessert – Pilgrim Hat Marshmallow Treats

November 20th, 2014

A Guide to Cupcake Decorating

November 8th, 2014

Getting Ready for Halloween with the Family

October 11th, 2014

Are you ready for all the kids running around dressed up in their costumes?!

Besides having personalized Halloween candy ready to give out to them, there are plenty of activities you can do with the family to get ready for the holiday.

You can find all kinds of Halloween crafts to create a fun filled night with the family.

If that’s not enough, you’ll want to make sure you have made your own scarecrow, ready to frieghten all the kids that come up to your house!

Have a fun filled Halloween!

DIY Birthday Gift Ideas & Desserts!

September 24th, 2014

17 Things a Bride and Groom to Be Need to Ask Their Wedding Venue

September 8th, 2014

1. Is the wedding venue available on our wedding day?

Sounds like an obvious first question doesn’t it, but you really need to ask it first. There is no point visiting a potential wedding venue, falling in love with the idea of getting married there and not being able to make your dreams happen because another bride and groom got there first.

If you’ve already chosen your special date, then we suggest you telephone the wedding venue ahead of the visit and state you can only make that date, if they are already booked up then get back to the list and find another fantastic wedding venue.

2. How many guests can be seated for a meal at the wedding venue?

This is fairly crucial, you don’t want to book a wedding venue that have a seating area for 250 people if you’re only inviting 60 to a sit down meal.

In turn you also want to ensure your guests can sit comfortably without being crammed into a small venue, or even worse, being left to feel as if they’re shoved in at the back, and can barely see the top table. Once you’ve got a rough idea of how many wedding guests are being invited, you need to make sure your chosen wedding venue suits your requirements.

Request to see a sample seating plan, ask about whether they have round tables, maybe even ask to see photos of previous wedding meals and how the tables are laid out. This will give you a good indication of whether you can seat your wedding party and ensure everyone is happy.
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